change the way you think about cloth diapers!

bitti d'lish

bitti d'lish gives you two great options, so you can choose the diaper that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Both types of diaper have the signature itti bitti ultra trim fit, with a luxurious minkee outer and suede-cloth liner to keep baby dry and happy.

Divinely comfortable with the performance of a disposable, bitti d'lish will change the way you think about cloth diapers!

Royal Blue bitti d'lish

bitti d'lish Snap In One (SIO)
  • Because the diaper comes apart, you can re-use the outer 'shell' like a cover, replacing wet booster sets with dry ones making SIO's perfect for traveling or space saving in the diaper bag and a very economical option as well
  • Quick drying
  • No need to be taken apart and put back together for washing and drying, but this will make drying times faster
  • 8 layers of bamboo viscose for a highly absorbent diaper, suitable even for heavy wetters (you can expect the diaper to last 3-4 hours or more)
  • Only natural fibres in the soaker pads
bitti d'lish All In One (AIO)
  • Ultimate in convenience, with the one piece design
  • Very easy to use - no extra pieces to fold, stuff or snap in
  • Longer drying time, but still quick for an AIO
  • Very absorbent - expect 3 hours or more, but will need a mini booster for heavy wetters
  • Dad and carer friendly
  • Combination of natural and man made fibres in the soaker pads


bitti d’lish are sized nappies to ensure the best possible fit.

Small size to fit 8lb to 16lb
Medium size to fit 14lb to 26lb
Large size to fit 23lb to 37lb

bitti d’lish diapers are designed as low rise, super trim fitting diapers, so if you prefer a higher rise (often for boys), size up, not down. Often cuddly babies can fit into the size range earlier than recommended. Don’t be surprised to find that such an itti bitti diaper is in fact a fantastic fit!


bitti d'lish comes in 10 colors and seasonal prints!

bitti d'lish redbitti d'lish rockmelonbitti d'lish yellowbitti d'lish limebitti d'lish turquoisebitti d'lish purplebitti d'lish fuchsiabitti d'lish chocolatebitti d'lish ivorybitti d'lish silverbitti dlish ayannahbitti dlish carnivalebitti dlish ponderbitti dlish zeebrabitti dlish daquiribitti dlish etonbitti dlish galaxybitti dlish gerrybitti dlish wobott

Washing & Care Instructions