change the way you think about cloth diapers!

Luxury Wetbags

luxury minkee wetbagsitti bitti luxury minkee wetbags are designed for storing wet diapers when out and about.

flower pointmade from waterproof laminated minkee

flower pointzippered to hold in smells

flower pointperfect size for a day out

flower pointholds around 4 diapers



luxury minkee wetbags

luxury wetbags come in a rainbow of colors and limited edition prints!

luxury wetbags fuchsialuxury wetbags redluxury wetbags rockmelonluxury wetbags yellowluxury wetbags limeluxury wetbags turquoiseluxury wetbags purpleluxury wetbags silverluxury wetbags ivory

wetbag ayannahwetbag carnivalewetbag ponderwetbag zeebrawetbag daquiriwetbag etonwetbag galaxywetbag gerrywetbag wobott

Washing & Care Instructions